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A CVS with more than 400 stores nationwide, was facing several challenges. They had initiated an aggressive plan to open 50 stores per year, but there was very little consistency from one store to the next. Multiple untrained installation crews were installing the company’s millwork and product display systems. In addition, different vendors were installing the casework, storeroom racking, graphics, cart rail and refrigeration units.

With each new store, the company was essentially starting from scratch. It had to introduce new vendors to the store’s fixtures and deal with the issues that inevitably arose as these new crews became familiar with installation process. In many cases, this process was happening simultaneously at multiple sites, making it difficult for the retailer to effectively manage all that was going on.

Other problems came into play, as well. Pricing was inconsistent from location to location, and the rigorous opening schedule prevented company supervisors from being present at many of the locations during the installation process. Not surprisingly, numerous inconsistencies jeopardized the overall quality and presentation.

The CVS saw an immediate savings of nearly 40% when it centralized installation efforts with Merchco

Merchco immediately introduced consistency into the process by establishing a core group of employees that focused exclusively on this retailer. These employees quickly became experts who could produce the results they sought to achieve. At the same time, Merchco developed an internal training program and established a supplemental team of employees that also understood the intricacies of the account. This made it much easier to manage the large volume of store openings.

Finally, Merchco streamlined the Installation process by handling tasks previously executed by multiple vendors. Ultimately, the company was able to minimize the amount of time spent on-site, deliver quality work, and lower overall expenses.


Merchco established a per-project price, allowing the retailer to budget more effectively.
Merchco nearly eliminated punch-list items and the need for costly corrections.
Store locations now reflect higher installation standards and greater consistency, allowing the retailer’s construction supervisors more time to focus on other issues.
Merchco developed a valuable relationship with the retailer, taking the time to resolve lingering design challenges.


Retail Solutions

High Quality, Cost-
Effective Solutions

Merchco provides retail professionals with high quality, cost-effective solutions designed around the individual needs of the client.

Installation Services

Complete Interior
Buildout Solutions

Merchco Services provides complete interior buildout solutions for remodels and renovations by taking ownership of the associated trade work. We execute a remodel that is driven by customer service and sale from a retail operator’s perspective, not your typical General Contractor’s point of view.

Construction Management


Merchco is a preferred installation company for a number of products and product manufacturers. We utilize an industry-leading training program that ensures every retailer installs your products correctly the first time, and in a way that represents your company and product standards.